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Visit our SYMPLEhemp payment solution

Multiple interfaces accepting Payments.

Your customer experience is supported across multiple locations and between different peripherals – all while never touching cardholder data. We cover in-store environments or e-commerce or b2b, or SaaS and all while supporting pick-up scheduling, delivery outlets and even Buy Now, Pay Later checkouts.  We deliver outstanding Payment acceptor experiences today.

PaySwipe’s Unipay™ secures your future.

Grow your payment processing traffic by giving customers more ways to pay:

  • Chip cards (EMV)
  • Apple Pay / Samsung Pay (NFC)
  • Same Day ACH
  • Omnichannel
  • Mobile Payments
  • Tablets
  • Point of Sale (POS)

Assembling compliant payment
schemes is a challenge.

We blend patience with experience building compliance schemes for our customers.

This ensures you take the right steps:

Safe-T Security Solutions (with breach insurance)
Tokenization and Encryption
PCI DSS Compliance
EMV Ready
NFC Payments

Adaptive Solutions.  All Unifying infrastructures.

We will organize your payments’ substructure into auto-pilot mode so your sales can grow.  Afterwards, we hope you trust us to do more for you.  We call this Business Development

Along with giving customers fast and dynamic checkout options, you must also unify and reward their patronage with your business.   Rewards programs must be mobile, integrated into your POS and fast paced enough to let you promote via web, email or SMS on a moments notice.

Qualify your business with great platforms that integrate into our processing solutions.

CityHive builds, manages, and maintains POS-integrated mobile e-Commerce apps and websites. It allows consumers to browse inventory and purchase products directly from their phones. Using real-time data and consumption insights, distributors, suppliers, and retailers can promote specific products directly to the consumer. Heavily focused in in the adult beverage hospitality, CityHive is expanding to general Retail and Restaurants as well.

Learn more about this progressive approach that connects brands with customers like never before.

Smart technology is finally available to serve the payments sector.

The Poynt Terminal leverages the latest in payment technology to manage business like never before. It’s a ground breaking device that starts enforcing the next evolution of processing.    This device makes your checkout experience stylish, fun, practical and safe (tokenization and encryption).

Contact Us today to get integrated with POYNT

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Our Talech POS technology offers tremendous flexibility

Talech’s simple and intuitive iPad POS interface allows you to set up quickly.  With just a few taps, you can take orders, accept payments, and manage your inventory.

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Our financing solutions are used to help businesses hire more employees, or upgrade their office, or manage cash flow and even purchase inventory.

We motivate our solutions to businesses that show maturity and capability of proving solvency and a good credit worthiness.

Fill out this quick and easy form to qualify for our Symple Pricing program. Our solutions are always month-to-month and cost $0 if you decide to discontinue.


We love to hear from all prospects, current clients and any person seeking to make PaySwipe greater and greater. General rule, we’re here to answer any question you have.

By telephone: (800) 407-7803

By email: info@payswipe.com

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