PaySwipe & Cannabinoid

We focus on Cannabidiol (CBD) & Hemp businesses to make sure they process safely and securely.

In-Store Processing.  The core of our solution
We’ve benchmarked the industry with amazing rates and a commitment to the best service possible.

Unsurpassed eCommerce Software.

We’ve reinvented ‘Click and Buy’

Flat Rate Processing…

SYMPLE Monthly Fee.

We offer a fixed pricing model so your processing cost above interchange never change.  Our low SYMPLE fee bills monthly and ensures your business is running with all the proper resources.

Value Addons.

Integrated plugins that support Social and Influencer marketing.

Interchange optimization.  We always consult.  You save money.

17 years and counting with thousands of merchants and billions of processing dollars combined, we are still building cutting edge solutions.

We passion enhancing the way payments work. Above all, we want our merchants to control their money by removing the number of fingers that touch it.

PaySwipe offers Same Day funds with funding deposits reaching you directly from our processing bank.

The Fintech Explosion 

The ‘Click and Buy’ Era started by the eComm giants (Amazon, eBay, among others) has manifested into an entire Fintech explosion that has led to numerous POS systems and CRMs to emerge since 2013.

PaySwipe started operations in 2004.   Today, thousands of active merchants are touching over tens of thousands of daily transactions across our proprietary software.  Our Fintech vibe will help respected clients gain positive tentacles for processing with premiere banks.  We are focused to help every CBD and Hemp business prosper and run their business with unrestricted hindrances.

Let us understand how you
operate your Payments environment